🎶 I’m leaving on a jet plane🎶⁣

As some of you may know, I am supposed to be on my way to New Orleans this week to get to see my coach besties for a massive training! Buuut Miss Rona has other plans … & boy do I hate her for it!⁣ Yes — I’m still salty about it!!⁣

Wanna know why?⁣ I wanted to see these ladies in person! I wanted to get to hug them! We spend 95% of the year spread out across the country & this is the time we get to be in person!⁣

I’ve gotten to meet some amazing people – all online! Chasing my fitness goals & helping others chase theirs has allowed me to grow my social circle & support system so much! I am so beyond blessed!!⁣

Now, don’t get me wrong! I’m super excited for the online trainings and special workouts that we now have instead! I’m super proud of this company for pivoting and keeping all of us safe!! I’m just cursing Miss Rona a bit more right now.

I’ve never been one who’s been good at female relationships. I’ve had a few close friends, but not a lot. These women have accepted me from day one. No questions asked. Not only that! But they’ve been my cheerleaders as life goes on!

Remember, you’ve got a spot saved for you! Whether you want to jump into this coaching gig with me or if you just want to be in my accountability community… I’ve got a spot for you!! ⁣

Pssst — also! Those workouts that I mentioned above! They are being offered FOR FREE for 24 hours after launching. All you have to do is stream them! I’ve included a link below for you to try out! You just have to sign up for an account!

You can also try out 2 weeks for FREE!!! Just click on the button below and sign up for the 3 month package!

You won’t be charged until after your first 2 weeks!

If you end up not liking the workouts, cancel and you’re out nothing!!