I wanted to binge — I wanted to binge so bad⁣

Every single trigger I have was going off yesterday.⁣

Eat — You need to Eat — Eat⁣

Stood in the baking isle at the store and looked at the rainbow chip frosting 🧁 ⁣

Thought about Oreos⁣

Considered making a stop for my favorite doughnut 🍩 holes…⁣

Thought about making chocolate chip cookie dough 🍪 ⁣

Wanna know something …⁣

Instead of binging … I made sugar free gummies and completed day 4 of my workout ⁣

And in the end I was satisfied and proud of myself.⁣

Binging wouldn’t have filled the spot in my heart that hurts and misses Raegan.. and it would have just left me not only feeling sad but also disappointed in myself.⁣

14 months ago I did not have the ability to say no. I would have cannonball into the dark hole of binging. I didn’t have the knowledge that my emotions trigger a need to eat and most importantly I didn’t have the belief in myself that I could overcome the need.⁣

If you’re struggling with something — anything — know your can overcome it. You can rise above whatever it is. Even if you don’t believe it now, I know it! 💕⁣