Bevvy is here!

Even when your nutrition is on point it can still be easy to fall of track if you’re craving junk-food!!

I’ve got good news!! There is now a delicious way to help you beat those cravings!!! Bevvy!! New craving-busting tea supplements!

Bevvy is a tea supplement line that supports healthy weight loss and helps curb cravings. Available in a convenient powder form, not a teabag, allowing you to easy add to warm (no boiling) or cold water! A delicious treat for only 15 calories and contains less than 8 milligrams of caffeine.

How it works!

Curb cravings

When sugar and fat cravings hit, it can really throw off your healthy nutrition plan. Drinking Bevvy twice a day helps ease cravings over time and makes it easier to say no to between-meal snacking and late-night cravings.*

Eat less

Each glass helps calm your cravings so you naturally eat less and make better choices. In an 8-week study, participants who consumed a key ingredient in Bevvy twice daily significantly decreased their caloric intake by about 250 calories per day.‡*

Support healthy weight loss

Losing weight is hard enough. Bevvy helps make it easier to stop thinking about food all day and stick to your goals, even if you’ve struggled in the past.*

Simple to use

Just mix Bevvy in cold or warm water twice a day for extra appetite support when you need it.

Real ingredients that really work.

Too many “weight-loss” teas claim to be healthy but can be full of laxatives or diuretics. Bevvy’s ingredients work with your body, not against it. And each serving has just 15 calories, 3g of fiber, and less than 8mg of caffeine.

Brewer’s Yeast Peptides

Brewer’s yeast peptides start from the material used in baking and beer-making, but are further broken down using a proprietary process to create these clinically studied peptides, that when taken consistently 2 times per day, help curb cravings and decrease food intake. An 8-week clinical study showed that when taken twice daily, the benefits of these peptides on appetite control (caloric intake) showed improvements in weeks 1 to 3, remained steady in weeks 3 to 6, and got even better by weeks 7 to 8 of the study.

Green Tea Phytosomes

Generally, the key components of standard green tea extracts are not well absorbed by the body. Bevvy uses green tea phytosomes, an advanced complex made with sunflower lecithin to help optimize absorption. In a 6-month clinical study, overweight participants who were on a low-calorie diet and exercise plan and consumed green tea phytosomes twice a day lost 26 pounds—double the amount of those using diet and exercise alone (13 pounds).

3 Grams of Fiber

Fiber can help you feel full longer, and it’s essential for a healthy diet. Each serving of Bevvy provides a good source of soluble fiber to help you reach your daily goals.