Ep 13: Erika Jayne Continued…

Erika’s Handwriting

Erika’s note to Lisa Vanderpump – peep the signature

Initial Schedules for Girardi Bankruptcy

California State Bar’s comments

Found in article linked below “State Bar objects to Tom Girardi’s conservatorship”

California State Bar list Tom Girardi “Not Eligible to Practice Law”

Proposed Ruigomez Settlement

Outstanding Debts

Found mostly in article listed below

Lion Air Crash unpaid settlement funds

California Attorney Lending, LLC – $6.2 million judgement

Stillwell Madision – $5 million in defaulted loan payments

3 former clients who obtain settlements with Pacific Gas & Electric after a 2010 gas pipeline explosion – obtained $10 million judgment

Former client sued for the remainder of her $500,000 settlement when she only received $50,000

Shawn Azizzadeh, of Bedford Law Group sued for unpaid fees

Philip Sheldon, of the Law Offices of Philip R. Sheldon sued for over $4.8 million in unpaid fees

KCC – $7.5 million judgement

Wells Fargo Vendor Financial Services – $880,000 unpaid office equipment leases

Veritext – $550,000 unpaid court reporting fees

CSI Group Inc. – $53,859 unpaid fees for home security

Virginia Antonio – unpaid amounts associated with $1,261,985.34 settlement

Tom’s Voicemail

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