When was the last time you bet on yourself? If you’re anything like me, it’s been a little while. Today, today I bet on myself in a big way.

I had an opportunity to join some of my coach besties and some top coaches for a training retreat this weekend.. and I jumped at the opportunity.

Am I nervous — heck ya. That’s almost a natural state of being for me!! Lol. It is a big step but you know what? I am worth it! My business is worth it! And YOU are worth it to me. I am going to learn skills, tips, and tricks to better serve you — it’s pretty exciting, isn’t it?!

Am I so incredibly excited and thankful — YOU BETCHA!!! Not very many people are getting this opportunity and I am going to soak up all the knowledge!

I am betting on myself. I am investing in myself … and I am damn proud of that.