Welcome to the Imperfectly Fit Fam!!

Welcome to the Imperfectly Fit Fam! I am so excited that you wanted to join us!  Here’s some helpful information – please feel free to ask as many questions as you need!

Before we get started, could you please visit the following link? As coaches we like to send out fun happy mail packages, so having your contact information makes this easier 🙂

The Stand Up for Yourself Bootcamp officially kicks off on January 6th! Starting January 6th we will do the bootcamp you have selected — for many of you this is either Barre Blend or The Work.

Until then, I suggest finding a program to do. This helps get you into a routine! For consistency reasons, I also recommend that my clients start with 21 Day Fix Real time as their first program. You do not have to, but it is where I recommend everyone to start. 

Facebook Groups (accountability groups)

Imperfectly Fit Facebook Group is a private Facebook group just for my clients. It’s a smaller group that I have provided and am building to create a warm, welcoming, and encouraging community for my clients.

To remain in this group, I only require that you have an active Beachbody on Demand account and that I am your coach 🙂

#fitsquadvirtualgym is another private Facebook group, but this one is a community set up by a team of coaches, including myself. 

To remain in this group, you have to have an active Beachbody on Demand, have purchased a challenge pack within the last year, and have me as your coach. If you have not purchased a challenge pack within the last year but wish to remain in this group, we can chat about what other options would best fit you.

The #fitsquadvirtualgym Facebook Group will ask you who your coach is when you ask to join the group. I am your coach and my name is Mikal-Anne 🙂

Here is a link to the FitSquad’s Getting Started Right Guide. A lot of the information is contained in this email, but here is another reference point for you:

Here are two websites you may find useful:

You will be billed for your Shakeology or Pre-workout and Protein every month unless you put it on hold, change your ship date or cancel. DON’T PANIC- you will receive a complimentary email reminder from Beachbody one week before your next ship date to allow you to make any necessary modifications.

TeamBeachbody.com is what you’d use to purchase any additional items, push back your Shakeology ship date, change your address or credit card info and more. Modifying your account, your auto ship items, or credit cards can be done under your account.

Beachbodyondemand.com is what you’ll use most often to access the workouts and the program materials each day.  You’ll need your login that you used when you joined and completed your shopping cart, and then you will be able to see everything available! (And there are TONS of workouts on there!).  There is also an app for your phone and any other streaming device, I use a Roku on TV!

Meal Plan Information

You’re going to get a physical guide for the meal plan when you get your kit. 

In the meantime you can go into beachbodyondemand, click the tab for the program that you are doing (Barre Blend, The Work, etc) and then program materials.  There’s info on the meal plan in there, which is calculated by weight and then containers.  ​The container program is easy to follow!

The container system is explained more in depth in The Ultimate Portion Fix program (this is a program add on, if you’re interested in this, let me know and we can chat!).  Which is an educational program that teaches you the reason to the containers and how to use them.  This information is contained in the Ultimate Portion Fix tab, under nutrition.  The videos can be streamed just like any of the workouts. The best part about this meal plan is it is FLEXIBLE, so you don’t need to eat tasteless boring food all day.

Beachbody app Nutrition+

Each program includes a meal plan!!! Great news right!? All of these can be found in the program materials explained above! Additional resources are available via the Beachbody Nutrition+ App, as well as the ability to track your daily meals.


If the challenge pack that you have selected includes Shakeology, I ask that my clients go all in the first month. Drink it every day. it’s the only way to truly see what it can do for you.

I have found that it is better when it is blended.  I learned that I could blend a few at a time, store them in the freezer to take to work with me.  By the time I got to work they were thawed enough to be smoothie texture.

I blend mine with a banana and frozen riced cauliflower.  You don’t taste the cauliflower, but it helps you get an extra serving of your veggies.

I have also found that mixing a little bit of sugar free, fat free pudding mix in, adds a fun layer of flavor! Banana cream and white chocolate are my favorites!

Some other coaches mix the powder into a brownie like consitency. They put it in a bowl and slowly add milk/almond milk/or some milk substitute into the powder until it is hard to stir and has a pudding like texture. Then top with whipped cream (almond milk/coconut milk whipped cream works too!)

Mind Set Makeover

Transformations that stick start from the inside out!! Which means we need to work on our physical AND our mental health, which is why we believe in personal development. So grab a book, audiobook, or podcast and get ready for a mindset makeover!

Here are some books our accountability groups recommend (links to amazon)

A few more things to keep in mind…

Share your journey!! Feel free to post as often as you would like in either of the Facebook groups. It’s actually highly encouraged. We have found those who engage the most and are active in the community are the ones who tend to be most successful!!

Expect to hear from me every Sunday! Feel free to communicate with me any day but know that you will hear from me on Sunday. I reach out to check in and see where you are and if you need anything from me!

I am here to support you in your journey, in whatever way best serves YOU! Remember, we celebrate EVERY VICTORY! There is no such thing as a small victory. Non scale and scale, I am here to be your cheerleader, so please share!!!

DON’T forget to take a picture and measurements this Sunday so you have a before picture!  You will thank me later when you have the information

I AM SO EXCITED TO GET STARTED​ ON THIS PROGRAM​ and I can’t wait to see your fantastic results, inside and out.  🙂