Welcome to the Imperfectly Fit Coach Fam!

I am so excited that you’ve decided to join the Imperfectly Fit Coach Fam!!

On this page, you will find the information you need to get started! — If you have any questions, please feel free to reach out to me!!

Here is a look at your coach upline. I include this for one reason, it gives you an idea of who everyone is and why I am giving you their facebook coach family pages. With Beachbody, you are your own boss, this is your own business — but we all work together. You don’t have to reinvent the wheel. The upline coaches in your coach family tree are some of the most successful coaches in Beachbody — which is why I use a ton of their training for you. They’ve proven their way works — why would I reinvent the wheel!!

Facebook Groups:

Imperfectly Fit (Link) — This group is for any coaches or clients of mine, or coaches and clients of my downline (you are considered my downline). The only requirement of this group is that you have an active Beachbody on Demand account ­čÖé

Imperfectly Fit Coach Page (Link) — This is a group for my downline. I wanted to have a way to directly communicate with my team outside of the big family pages.

#FitSquadVirtualGym (Link) – This is the group created by my coach. This group is for any coaches or clients of my upline coach and her downline. I have made it a requirement for my clients who are in this group that they have purchased a challenge pack within the last 12 months.

#FitSquad Coach Family Page (Link) — This is the coach family page that I am most active in. This is the group of coaches who put on the Virtual Gym.

Imperfectly Balanced Coach Family Page (Link) — This group is run by Ali Tessitore. This group has Units set up for training. Please add yourself to this group and go through the training units. You can do this at your own pace. Please make sure you do these units before you do anything else. They will help answer a ton of your questions and get you started in your business!

Imperfectly Balanced Training Units (Link)

Imperfectly Balanced New Coach Mentorship Book (Link)

Dynasty United Coach Family (Link) — This group is run by Brittany LeGette. This group also has some training units you can do.

Team Beachbody Coach 411 (Link) — This is an informational Beachbody group

Beachbody Champions (Link) – This an Official Team Beachbody┬« Coach training and support group, managed by the Utah-Beachbody Coach Development Team and is for any Team Beachbody┬« Coach who wants to elevate their business and learn best practices from other like-minded coaches.

Weekly Training & Videos

Monday’s at 11 am EST – The National Wake Up Call on Team Beachbody 411’s facebook page. Beachbody does recognition every week on this call and they also bring in a speaker every week. SOmetimes it’s people like Beachbody CEO, up and coming coaches, or highly ranked coaches. The live video is saved so if you can’t catch it live you can go back.

Monday at 8pm EST – Squad Slay Training – Link can be found on both Dynasty United Coach Family Page and Imperfectly Balanced Coach Family Page. The topic changes weekly. This training is usually recorded and available for replay

Monday at 9 pm – Imperfectly Balanced Training – Link can be found on the Imperfectly Balanced Coach page. This topic also changes weekly. This training is usually recorded and available for replay

Once a month Ali hosts a new coach training. You will want to watch this training – whether it is live or the recorded video. This will contain a ton of information for you! I have linked below one of the training she has done in the past, but I still encourage you to attend her new one as she updates and provides new information.

December 2019 New Coach Training (Link)

Ali also posts a calendar in the group at the beginning of the month that gives you and idea of what the training are going to be. She also includes the layout of what Ali talks about on her social media. It’s a good road map on how to get started with your business.

January 2019 Calendar (link)

Helpful Beachbody Links:

Coach Office: Link

Share-A Cart: Link

Your Goal

Lets keep this simple – Make sure that you have a program picked out and then as you go through your program just talk about it. Make a post every single day talking about what you’re doing. Some of this is covered in the Imperfectly Balanced training modals – But post a workout clip, a sweaty selfie, a progress picture, your healthy meal. Just talk about what you’re doing. This will create interest in what you’re doing.

Helpful Information

Please don’t overwhelm yourself right away, but some of these may be helpful down the road — I’ll collect them here so you have a place to reference.

Beachbody FAQ, Success Club (SC) – Link

Beachbody FAQ, Success Starter Program 2020 – Link

Beachbody Basic Geneology, Coach Placement, Legs, & Cycle Bonuses – Link